Whether performing a ballad or getting the crowd on their feet with a soul-filled dance tune, Joshua adeptly draws in his audience.”

— MJ Music


Joshua Mather has been blessed with musical talent and a likabilty factor of 10+. A veteran of the Fort Worth/Dallas music scene for years, his reputation is impeccable. Joshua is able to establish an easy, teasing and playful rapport with his audience which he adeptly employs to draw them in for a ballad; or put them on their feet for high-energy rock n roll. To be in his audience is to feel included. With a broad range of music, from Twenty One Pilots to Ed Sheeran to Otis Redding, Joshua manages to find everybody's favorites and has an amazing repertoire that can accommodate most requests. His band is on point, and he also often performs solo. Joshua is a hard-working, consummate professional who is always invited back.

Venue Reviews

Smart Financial Center, Houston
"We brought Joshua down for our grand opening. He completely brought the night to life... He is a rare talent." - Mark Linenberger, Executive VP, Linbeck Group

Artist in residence - Dalton's Corner
"I've been booking Joshua for years... People rave about him!" - James Beaver, Owner/Manager

Artist in residence - Keller Tavern
"Josh is a rare breed... His music is an important part of our revenue." - Skylar Lambert, General Manager
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Shannon Brewery
"I request Josh by name any chance I get." - Scott, Booking and General Manager



Email: joshuamatherbooking@gmail.com
Phone: (682)207-7912